From quick turnaround and local decision making to working with a trusted advisor who knows your business, the benefits of partnering with a local community bank are many. Just ask...

Sanitas Brewing

The owners of Sanitas Brewing met with Flatirons Bank early in the process of developing their business plan and we were able to understand their goals and guide them in the process of obtaining a loan to startup the brewery. After completing the business plan and inking a lease on their new space, the loan was approved and the brewery was opened for business in the summer of 2013!

Sanitas Brewing is a locally-owned brewery whose mission is to offer a unique experience in every beer they make through a blend of traditional processes, responsibly grown ingredients, and an innovative approach to create inspiring and well-made beers. Sanitas Brewing's success is the product of the hard work and passion of their staff, as well as the support of their fans.