From quick turnaround and local decision making to working with a trusted advisor who knows your business, the benefits of partnering with a local community bank are many. Just ask...

Rayback Collective

The owners of Rayback Collective have big dreams for our city. Flatirons Bank is helping to turn these dreams into a reality. Situated in the heart of Boulder, the Rayback is a food park, a bar, an event space, and a backyard party. In what proved to be a complex process to open their business in Boulder, Flatirons Bank provided the needed resources at a local level, and with personal service they couldn't get at other banks. With Rayback Collective now open, they utilize an array of other services to meet their new banking needs.

"We needed a banking partner who could help us move our business from concept to reality. Flatirons Bank has the local knowledge and personal touch we needed. And since opening, Flatirons has continued to exceed expectations as our banking needs have expanded."

Justin Riley, Co–founder and CEO of Rayback Collective