From quick turnaround and local decision making to working with a trusted advisor who knows your business, the benefits of partnering with a local community bank are many. Just ask...

Boulder Vision Center

When Dr. Terri Oneby and Dr. Brooks Alldredge wanted to simulataneously secure a home loan and a business loan, the Flations Bank lending team said, "We can help." The loans from Flatirons Bank helped Dr. Oneby and Dr. Alldredge settle back into Boulder, after being away for 14 years, and focus on their newly purchased practice, Boulder Vision Center.

Since 1976, Boulder Vision Center has been providing comprehensive vision care to patients of all ages. Partnering with Flatirons Bank helped Dr. Oneby and Dr. Alldredge continue Boulder Vision Center's legacy of excellence in eye care.

"Starting a small business, especially a medical practice, is very stressful. Working with Flatirons Bank has been one of the best choices we have made. We know the team at Flatirons Bank will stand behind us and we will gladly do the same for them."

Dr. Terri Oneby, OD & Dr. Brooks Alldredge, OD, FAAO