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Flatirons Bank
Wire Instructions

Please use the following instructions to send and receive wire transfers at Flatirons Bank.

Receiving Wire Transfers

To receive a wire at Flatirons Bank, the following information should be given to the party that is originating the wire.
Bank Name & Address:   Flatirons Bank
    1095 Canyon Blvd. Suite 100
    Boulder, CO 80302
ABA Number:   107006839
Beneficiary:   Customer Name & Account Number
Please note: Incoming wires that do not have the correct Beneficiary name and account number will be returned to the sender.

Sending Wire Transfers

To send a wire, you will need the following information:
  • The receiving bank's name and address
  • ABA number of the receiving bank
  • Beneficiary name (person or firm to whom the wire is being sent)
  • Account number of beneficiary
  • Beneficiary physical address
Please note: Sometimes the receiving bank requires additional information. Contact the receiving bank to obtain their wiring instructions.